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Christmas That I Know (Single)

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Produced By: Phalcon7 (for Morning Crew Music, Inc.)
Executive Producer: Louise C. West
Engineer: Jonathan Floyd
Mixed By: Fil Brown
Gary Taylor: Vocals, Keyboards
Luke Smith: Acoustic Piano, Keyboards
Reggie Hamilton: Bass
Trevor Lawrence Jr.: Drums
Written By: Gary Taylor
Mastered at: Skip Saylor

Design [Cover]: David Campbell (for Covaun.com)

Published By: Morning Crew Music, Inc. BMI
Song Running Time 3:42


Music Journalist, Steven Ivory

If Nat “King” Cole’s rendition of “The Christmas Song” and instrumentalist Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown classic “Christmastime Is Here” had a baby, singer/songwriter Gary Taylor’s “Christmas That I Know” would be the result.

The comparisons, however, are all about sentiment. Musically, “Christmas That I Know,” written, produced, and performed by Taylor, is quintessential G.T.: a soulful, jazz-glazed ballad that tugs at the heart while recalling a kinder time.

July 2023

Gary Taylor’s “Christmas That I Know.”
The man who created modern soul music performed by Anita Baker, the Whispers, Jennifer Holliday, and Lalah Hathaway, among others, captures the spirit of the season with an instant holiday classic that harks back to a kinder time, for all time. Composed, produced, and performed by the inimitable Gary Taylor.

July 2023

Melting hearts like a snowman in July: “Christmas That I Know,” Gary Taylor’s new holiday classic, already feels like a comfy, time-honored chestnut from kinder times, for all time.  Composed, produced, and performed by Gary Taylor.

July 2023

“Christmas That I know” is the new holiday classic from the inimitable singer/songwriter Gary Taylor. The man who gave us modern soul classics by Anita Baker, the Whispers, and Lalah Hathaway, reclaims the pre-pandemic spirit of the season with a jazz-tinged ballad that harks back to a kinder time, for all time.

Artist: Gary Taylor
Labels: B.M.I., Morning Crew Music
Release Date: 2023
Genres: Holiday, R&B

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1. Christmas That I Know

Available Lyrics

Christmas That I Know

(1st verse)

There’s a time in... late... December...
When the spin of the earth...just seems to slow
There are songs being sung... by most everyone
As children play outside... in the snow

There’s that time in... the very heart... of Winter
When the lights on the trees... have that special glow
When the smile on a face...says it’s the right time...and the right place
That’s the spirit of... the Christmas that I know


We’ll spend our silent night – In a quiet room –
Sipping Eggnog and Rum…
As the fire... slowly puts itself to sleep...

As the children laying in their beds...
Dream of Santa Clause... to come
We place our gifts of love...
Beneath the Christmas tree...

(2nd Verse)

There’s a moment that comes... with every Winter
When the spirit of love... Just seems to flow
It’s a season of joy... filled with laughter... and (lot of) toys
That’s the spirit of... the Christmas… that I know

Chorus Out

(Have a ) Merry Christmas...
Like the Christmas... that I know
Have a warm and loving Christmas...
Like the Christmas... that I know
(Repeat Vamp... until Fade)

© 2014 Morning Crew Music Inc.