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Take Control

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Backing Vocals – Mary Ekler, N’Dea
Engineer [2nd Engineer] – Mike Stanger
Executive-Producer – Louise West, Eric “Skip” Saylor
Guitar – Michael Thompson
Management – Steven Ivory
Percussion – Arno Lucas
Photography By – Bobby Holland
Producer, Arranged By, Written-By, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion – Gary Taylor
Recorded By, Mixed By – Fil Brown, Ross Donaldson
Soprano Saxophone – Andrew Woolfolk
Trumpet – Ray Brown

Recording Location – Skip Saylor Recording, Los Angeles, CA

Duration – 53:16

Artist: Gary Taylor
Labels: Morning Crew Music, Virgin Music
Release Date: 1991
Genre: R&B

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1. Take Control
2. Whatever
3. Will You Come Back
4. In & Out of Love
5. Wishful Thinking
6. Don't Be So Distant
7. I Live for You
8. Sign My Life Away
9. Time After Time
10. I Will Be Here ( Featuring Marva Hicks)

Available Lyrics

Take Control

(1st verse)
Deep inside my mind there lies a place where I am safe
from all the complications love forever puts me through
Nowhere do I run because my heart's so connected
To this thing in life I've somehow grown accustom to

Doors are always opening for me to have the things I want
But many times I end up on forbidden paths
It's you I need to show me where to go and what to do
because it feels like my direction will never last

Take control --- take control of my heart (baby)
Take control --- show me how to get it started
Take control --- take control of mind (honey)
Take control --- teach me how to love you right

( 2nd verse )Walk me beyond the walls that serve as my protection
open up my eyes to see the lover in you
Let me learn to grow within the arms of your affection
Show me how to do the things that lovers do

(Double Chorus)

B Sect.
If it feel like what I ask of you is just a bit too much
please understand just what I'm going through
For the first time in my life I admit to giving up
And I'm so afraid of losing you

(Take ( 3rd verse ) - Chorus Out)

© 1990 Morning Crew Music Inc.


( 1st verse )
When I face my personality
many thoughts run through my mind
Cause the place I'd like to share with you baby
is sometimes hard to find

If you only knew what you do to me
every time you come around
you make me need - want - just got to have you
you make my love come down

B sect.
I've been through this place before
And I know just how time can play with your mind
My heart is an open door
If you want the truth - baby I'm here for you

What ever your will - what ever your way
What ever you give to me in an act of love
I'm willing to take --- whatever

What ever you think - what ever you choose
Whatever your heart feels it need from me
I'm ready to do --- whatever

( 2nd verse )
In the heat of my reality
I focus my thoughts on you
I'll give you any - every - all you could ever want baby
just tell me what you want to do

There was no way I could foresee
you stepping into my life
Now that we're down - go on and make your move
Do what ever you feel is right

(B sect. - Chorus - Break - Chorus Out)

© 1990 Morning Crew Music Inc.

Will You Come Back

( 1st verse )
I close my eyes - I dream of loving you tonight
Feeling the pressure from- having to turn this wrong to right

Not thinking love at all- I only played half the part
Looking at you through distant eyes - is sending a
message to my heart

B sect.
I made a big mistake - taking the fool's advice
I let you walk away - and with you went my life
Trying to stand my ground - waiting for your return
Now in this void I find - the fear of being burned

I'm sitting here - all alone,
contemplating how to bring you home
Will you come back to me

Want to show - the ways I care,
living to love - baby I need you here with me
Will you come back

Should these words - get to you,
expressing the love long over due
Will you come back to me

Holding to - the hands of time,
Keeping you ever on my mind
Will you come back

( 2nd verse )
Baby I didn't know - what was there for me to understand
I lost my reasoning - standing in the door of love's demands

(B sect., Chorus Out)

In & Out of Love

( 1st verse )
Girl we've got to stop this game we're playing
Pulling at each others heart - acting out our lives in vain
There's a need for us to keep on prayingWe're made to be lovers - and we'll never find it in no other

So many times I can hear you saying
You're find it so hard to trust - but still you want to give your love
Baby my heart will always be here waiting
Hoping for the best between the two of us

B sect.
Cause reality is what our hearts are seeking
In a hope that we can find what love is worth
And if somehow we can learn to come together
There's a chance that we'll find heaven here on earth
---- but we cant keep going

In and out of love --- in and out of my life
In and out of love --- in and out of my life

( 2nd verse )
Girl you're gonna have to face your feelings
Take control of idle time - learn to say what's on your mind
Baby my love is yours if you're willing
This is where we have to draw the line

B Sect.
If reality is what our hearts is seeking
Then we're gonna have to find what love is worth
If we're gonna give our lives a deeper meaning
Then we have to make our heaven here on earth
---- but we can't keep going

(Chorus - Solo - Chorus Out)

© 1990 Morning Crew Music Inc.

Wishful Thinking

( 1st verse )
I saw your face last night in my dreams
I need to know who you are
I never felt a love - this extreme
I've never been this far

B Sect.
And I don't intend to lose what I'm feeling inside
Cause the day I do the live will be gone
And I can't ignore what seems to flow deep in my mind
With you I've got to hold on --- so I'll keep

Wishful thinking --- wishful thinking
Wishful thinking --- wishful thinking

( 2nd verse )
I saw you walking the streets yesterday
I nearly lost my mind
I wanted to talk to you face to face
But it just wasn't my time

B sect.
Cause I'm so afraid of losing those nights when I dream
of the love that carries me through the day
and if never having words with you means keeping you close
there'll just be words I won't have to say --- I'll keep

(Chorus - Solo - 2nd B Sect. - Chorus Out)

Don't Be So Distant

( 1st verse )
I'm having a hard time adjusting to you
wanting it all leaves me so much work to do
You want to be lovers an arms length apart
but that kind of romance plays upon your heart

I don't want to pressure - don't want to make demands
I need a companion who wants to understand
I feel for a love life a little closer to home
but loving is hard when you're doing it alone

B sect.
Know that I want you - know that I need you
and I'll forever be - by your side
I'll give you a lifetime of love from this heart of mine
but you have to be there to bring this love to life

Don't be so distant ---
I'm talking ‘bout closing the gap between you and me - baby

Don't be so distant
You're making it hard to - be close to you

( 2nd verse )
You can't imagine how I'm feeling deep inside
baby my mind sees many sleepless nights
Maybe the answer escapes me I don't know
It's just that I'm feeling the need to be close

(B sect. - Double Chorus)

Stop living in the hurt from you past
I'm not a part of what broke you heart
Just give yourself half a chance
Let me love you for who you are

(Chorus Out)

© 1990 Morning Crew Music Inc.

I Live for You

( 1st verse )
I found you deep in the darkness - of another life
In spite of all the time between us - I felt you deep inside
I grew to know much about you - playing it against the odds
Hardly does a day go by where - you aren't in my thoughts

And now that time has called me - to another place
Putting many miles between us - on any given day
It doesn't have to mean I'm - leaving you all alone
Love for you will always be as - close as the nearest home

(1st half of Chorus - Solo)

When loneliness tries to make you weak
just remember ---- I live for you
When insecurity makes it hard to believe
know that there's no one else ---- I live for you

There will never be another
to make me feel the way you do ---- I live for you
My life - is built around loving you
and only you baby ---- I live for you

( 2nd verse )
Sometimes just simple affection - is all that I can offer you
I really want to be that someone - who makes your dreams come true
Just try with some understanding - put yourself in my shoes
Know that you are everything I am ---- I live for you

(Double Chorus - “ I live for you “ Chorus Out)

© 1990 Morning Crew Music Inc.

Sign My Life Away

( 1st verse )
I dream about being in love
and all it's worth
The day I found you
I found my heaven here on earth

B sect.
I'm really blessed to know you are my friend
I hope this is a road - that never finds to end

( 2nd verse )
I open the door that stands
between you and me
I'm letting you in
on all the secrets that I keep

I'd sign my life away - for you baby
I'd sign my life away
I'd sign my life away - for you - baby
I'd sign my life away

( 3rd verse )
The angel of angels
sent to catch me when I fall
You're one of a kind
you know just how to do it all

*B sect.
I must confess you gave my life a change
of all that I could ask of you - hear me when I say

(Chorus - Solo - B sect. - Chorus Out)

© 1990 Morning Crew Music Inc.

Time After Time

( 1st verse )
I live with the feeling - you're hurting inside
you don't want to lose - so you run and hide
Don't go on believing - in all that you hear
You won't find comfort in fear

B sect.
Don't understand how you ignore
the fact that I care to give you more
More than you'll ever ask - more than you'll need

You're making it hard upon yourself
For me there is you and no one else
What is it gonna take - to bring you closer to me

Time after time --- I give you my heart and soul
Time after time --- I tell you I won't let go
Time after time --- I do what I have to do
Time after time --- To show you how much I love you

( 2nd verse )You're some kind of special - so hard to define
I'm forever thankful - for this time
No way to explain it - no way to describe just how you changed my life

B sect.
You have to be strong enough to try
willing to make the sacrifice
Sometimes it's all that love - can ask you to do

Know that I'll be here when you call
Ready to give my all ‘n all
Nothing will ever change - my feelings for you

(Chorus - Solo - Chorus)

© 1990 Morning Crew Music Inc.

I Will Be Here ( Featuring Marva Hicks)

( 1st verse )
No one sees the picture of the loneliness and pain that grows inside
No on ever really tried to care the way I do

I can not explain the reasoning that keeps you in my life
But I do know - I'm not letting you go

It's easier to open up my heart when love comes in this way
But still at times I find it makes me so afraid

Forever is the word that comes to mind when I
think of you and me
I want you baby --- for always

Never let the words you hear bring doubt into your heart
I will be here
You should always know I planned to keep you from the start
I will be here for you

Never let a moment pass where you won't come to see
I will be here
I forever live to hold this love close to me
I will be here for you

( 2nd verse )
Everything I could ever want in life - all points back to you
Never has my focus played a part so clear

Knowing what I know of love - and the things that lovers do
Leads me to know - I'm not letting you go

(Take Chorus - Solo - Chorus Out)

© 1995 Morning Crew Music Inc.