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About Morning Crew Music

Though morningcrew.com may be new to the Web world, we’ve been in the music industry for quite some time.

Born out of a need to keep INTEGRITY and SOUL in R&B music, Morning Crew Music, Inc. (the parent company of morningcrew.com) chose to create a site for it’s recording artist Gary Taylor. Morning Crew Records, (a label created by Taylor) came to pass simply because Taylor refused to compromise his God given gift of writing heart felt songs for commercial gain. In Taylor’s own words, “If I write just to make money then I’m only going to be as good as the stock market will allow. People want to feel the music, not just hear it.”

Songs written by Taylor have stood the test of time, and many years after they have been recorded, people can still apply the feeling to today’s life. That’s a distinction the fast food, top R&B sampled type hits can’t make. Their songs come and go. Morning Crew will always strive to create a fresh look at music. We’d like to think of our music as soul food for the spirit. Based on our mail, many who have supported Taylor over the years have proven to be the intellectual type. Wanting to hear not only great chord and melody progressions, but thought provoking lyrics as well. This Adult Classic Soul is what Morning Crew prides itself in. We are too far up the river to change, and many of our followers insist that we never consider changing. I’m sure Taylor (who prides himself in being an Old School outsider to the music industry) will never give in to the weakness of today’s so called R&B.

As we grow, we plan to bring many other facets of our Adult Soul lifestyle to our friends through this site. We know the need for quality reading, thinking, relating, and most important of all, communicating. This has to be made available to our friends through bringing in outside books, art, thoughts and words of wisdom. We encourage our friends to become family with us. If Taylor’s music provokes LOVE, then why not let it grow in this garden at morningcrew.com.

The music we have created for you has sometimes been hard to find. Largely because we are not true to mainstream, many stores won’t go out of their way to bring us into the fold. They would rather have the quick, short-term sale than music that will last a lifetime. Our only solution to this was to bring the CD’s to this site and sell them ourselves. Far too many of our followers have had to come to us to gain access to our catalog, so we decided to make morningcrew.com the only place to buy, not just the catalog of albums Taylor has recorded, but the new releases yet to come in the future.

We encourage you to join us regularly to keep abreast of, not only our tour info, but also to see new pictures, get copies of lyrics to your favorite songs, talk to each other about what’s going on, and most importantly, hear samples of new songs long before they hit the streets.

At morningcrew.com, the home of the Adult Soul, we are “About the Real.”