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Retro Blackness

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Design [Album] – Graph Me This
Design [Cover] – Dedry Jones
Executive-Producer – Louise C. West, Steven Ivory
Guitar – Thomas “Tommy O” Organ
Mixed By, Mastered By – Fil Brown
Photography By – Lori Dorn
Producer – Phalcon 7
Vocals, Keyboards, Arranged By, Written-By, Engineer – Gary Taylor

Recording Location – Phalcon7 Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Duration – 01:02:22


Soul Express Album Review

Gary Taylor has never let me down. To me he is the epitome of the “thinking man’s” soul singer. In an ever-increasing world where marketing and target groups merge with what I call the globalization effect where music, games, video and film are being molded together there is little or no scope for quality artists to express themselves exactly how they feel fit. In other words, there is no room for individuality and uniqueness.

Gary Taylor was well ahead of this game when he realized that he and major label thinking were not compatible. Thankfully this was the making of Gary Taylor and through his own efforts he gives us exactly what he wants us to have. As it happens it is exactly the sort of material I want to hear. Furthermore I feel that “Retro Blackness” is a defining moment in Gary’s career. Gary has always addressed issues of love and relationship, and rightly so, and he takes this theme of love to another level, and also a lot deeper. Love for his people, for his culture and his hopes and fears are all here. It is a piece of powerful music, strong, positive music all wrapped up in that unique blend of haunting, erotic, soulful sound that we all love. I can’t really pick out a favourite song.

Just put it in the CD player and press play. This album deserves massive airplay and recognition. For me it is a timely release, and serves as an evaluation for all who wisely invest their time listening to it. I get the impression, through Gary’s music and this CD in particular that he is a very serious, intelligent and very deep man. Gary himself admits that he can be ‘opinionated’, and this CD lets him do that in a very poignant way. Many out there – especially in the rap community – comment on Social issues as they see them, but none so deep, relevant or pertinent as Gary. The Family is a very important institution, and although lots has been written about this, I have not heard anyone really talk about the love relationship the way it is spoken about in the first track “Love Like No Other”. Love, as they say, “is a many splendored thing”, and Gary pinpoints the different love from his parents, his children and the love returned from himself to them in turn.

To read entire review visit: www.soulexpress.net/garytaylor_retro.htm

Barry Towler

September, 2006

Gary Taylor has been doing the “indie soul” thing longer than just about anyone, and has shown that a successful career can be forged outside of the major label world. And while his releases have generally celebrated love and romance, on Retro Blackness he instead celebrates a culture — the culture of Black America. So while there is still an awful lot of sensual romance on the disc, it shines largely due to Taylor’s exposition on his brothers and sisters, a view that is loving and refreshing without being preachy or Pollyanna-like. Taylor simply takes a path that is counter to much of modern urban music, a path of thankfulness and appreciation rather than cynicism.

Musically, Retro Blackness bears a number of fine, memorable compositions. The album (particularly on some of the slower cuts) is occasionally dragged down a bit by repetitive arrangements of electronic keyboards, guitar and programmed drums. But strong songwriting overcomes those limitations, particularly on upbeat cuts such as “Love Like No Other,” “Lovin’ My People” and “My Blackness.” And Taylor’s unassuming tenor voice sounds crisp and clear, working well throughout the disc.

Retro Blackness should both please Taylor’s core base and add new fans. It is a lyrically interesting, musically solid album that is a fine addition to this talented artist’s already-significant discography. Recommended.

Review as posted at: www.soultracks.com/gary_taylor.htm


August, 2006

Okay…whew! Let’s see if I can keep this comment short and sweet, but a sista can go awhile when she’s feelin’ the music. 🙂

My hubby (Tony Brown of WDAS FM in Philadelphia) received Retro Blackness in the mail at the station last night. We decided to listen to it in the car on the long ride into the station this evening (I love listening to CDs in the car, because I can completely absorb them without distraction). Talk about a phenomenal project!!!!!…This album, from start to finish, is absolutely incredible!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed every tune, and I can’t wait for the ride home at midnight to listen to it again. Thank you, Gary, for always giving us the best!

This one comes highly recommended from this “true” music lover, so friends and fans (new and old) of Gary Taylor, make sure you get your hands on a copy as soon as you are able.

Continued love, peace, blessings and success to you Gary!

Review as posted at: www.myspace.com/garytaylorbohemian


(Musical One)

The Urban Buzz, June, 2006

(Sent to radio stations across the country)

Black & Beautiful. Gary Taylor has a hot CD called “Retro Blackness” that recently found its way to my computer. Gary has worked with The Whispers, Anita Baker, Vanessa Williams, Will Downing and many others but he charts a new direction with this project. Retro Blackness is introspective, moody, uplifting, enlightening, and raw. Gary Taylor is a singer/songwriter baring his soul. Retro Blackness is a soulful musical celebration and heartfelt contemplation of a people and a culture. “Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m opinionated.

I just hadn’t voiced these particular thoughts in my music before. But today, you only have to look around to see what is happening to Black America, and I wanted to write about it—about us,” says Taylor. “You don’t have to be a revolutionary to tell it like it is.” Retro Blackness basic and beautiful. Gary is taking us back to the days of Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye with his lyrics and content. This is R&B is stripped to the bone and I dig it. Formula be damned, I don’t even think Gary looped his background vocals. If you’d like to hear some old school music with new school production values, then check out Retro Blackness. I’m really diggin’ the culturally conscience, “Lovin’ My People.” Hit Gary Taylor up at [email protected].

He’ll be more than happy to send you a taste of Retro Blackness.

KF… (The Fly On The Wall)

Artist: Gary Taylor
Label: Morning Crew Music
Release Date: 2006
Genre: R&B

Available On


1. Love Like No Other
2. Do You Know
3. Old School
4. Lovin' My People
5. Healing
6. Down Hill
7. My Blackness
8. As If
9. Soul Murder
10. Thought I Knew You
11. Ghetto People
12. W.O.C. (Restated) Featuring the Whispers

Available Lyrics

Love Like No Other

( 1st verse )
You are my start my stop...my heart and soul...my give and go
I take from you...all the cues of who I am... was like a mile
Your loving voice was there to tell me...yes you can...

The texture of your skin...became my closest friend
Mother of this earth...that lies beneath my feet
You took this heart of mine...and sheltered it through troubled times
Knowing all along...the man I'd come to be...(I get)

Love from my mother...Love from my father...
Love from my sisters...Love from my brothers
Love from my sons...and Love from my daughter
But my Grandmother's love...was Love like no other...

Love for my mother...Love for my father
Love for my sisters...Love my brothers
Love for my sons...and Love for my daughter
But the love of myself...is a Love like no other

( 2nd verse )
You are my child...my seed...that very special part of me...
I give to you...all of everything I am...
You take direction...and I'm there...to support your need
A father's love for you...is what I hold in hand...

Handed down to me...as was handed down to you ...
As handed down to her...as was handed down from him
You pushed my need to grow...while facing life as overload
By giving me a love that I could understand

You had me walk upright... when times suggested I should crawl
Taught me to see... through the eyes of Agape' love
Your hands were there to catch... if ever I should slip or fall
And now this love I know... I give... unto my own...

© 2014 Morning Crew Music Inc.

Do You Know

( 1st verse )
Do I dare give my best... or is this just another love... testing me again
Will my heart come to rest... at the door near your feet

Feeling lost... growing weak... will the flower ever come to bloom
My love is losing seed... all over the room

B Sect.
Can your soul feel this face... does it know where I've been
Is the best that you give... what you're truly giving...

Do you know... from that place in your heart... Do you know...
do you really know?
Do you know... from a smile in the dark... Do you know?

Do you know who you are ... from the day you were born... do you know...
do you really know?
Could you possibly know... that your fabric was torn... Do you know?

Do you know what to say... when the love reaches you... do you know
Do you really know
Do you know what to feel... when you're so overdue... Do you know?

Do you know better time... when your time's spent alone... do you know
do you really know?
Do you what is house... what is home ... do you know... Do you know?

© 2005 Morning Crew Music, Inc.

Old School

( 1st verse )
Would you like to take a ride on the wings... of a lover's dream
Fly away on the memories... of what we use to be
Take a moment and reflect on the day... you stepped out of the box
Missing love... missing you... that's what consumes my thoughts

B Sect.
Underneath the blue light ... we glide... deep into the late nightShadows in the darkness ... of a silent soul filled room
Body heat reacting... arms strapped around the waistline
Love flowing like magic... we're finally on our own

(Take half Chorus 1st time thru)

Love is gonna do... what love wants to do... cause its old school
Love becomes the thing we trust... the bond between the two of us...
When it's old school... love

Love will have its way with you... relax... be cool ... cause its old school
Happiness is yours for keeps... but only when you still believe...
In school old school... love

( 2nd verse )
House party up the street... gettin' ready for a midnight grind
Passion falls in the summer heat ...as we flow into each other
On a whim of a feeling this good... our lips become entwined
You and I... embrace in a lock... meant to last forever

B Sect.
Underneath the blue light ... we grind... just because it feels rightBacked into the rhythm ... a mile away from home
Body heat reacting... arms strapped around the waistline
Love flowing like madness... time to be alone

(Double Chorus... Vamp B sect. Adlib Out)

© 2005 Morning Crew Music, Inc.

Lovin' My People

( 1st verse )
Sister coming up the walkway... dressed down in her braids
Brothers with their Afro's... taking center stage
Watching as this culture... slowly comes of age...
With a mind of its own...

Mother's out in the yard hanging up her clothes
Father's playing with the kids... keeping them on the go
The neighborhood is feeding... on the heart of its Soul...
And it's where my feelings live...

(Cause) I love my people...
The way they let it go... on the dance floor
Ain't nobody gonna do it like us... No... I'm lovin' my people

(Said) I love my people...
Soul from the stove... straight to the kitchen table
My heart's full of love... Spirit's in the flow... I'm lovin' my people

( 2nd verse )
Teachers in the classrooms... giving up the love...
Supported by a mom and dad... who want that special touch
Little acts of kindness... prove to mean so much...
When we live what we know...

The kitchen pots are banging... smell of Soul Food fills the air
You walk past a neighbor's house... wishing (you had) dinner there
Better times for living... when people seemed to care
‘Bout that place where they grow... (Take Chorus)

Folks gathering at the church... early Sunday morn...
Openly they sing and praise... and Gospel music's born
God gave us love enough... with spirit free to run...
Why not learn to treat ourselves... like we're the chosen one's

( 3rd verse )
Call me... let me know... how your life is doing good
Tell me how the blessings flow... through the neighborhood
Share with me that special time... of feelings understood...
In that place we call home... (Take Chorus)

© 2005 Morning Crew Music, Inc.


( 1st verse )
Angry... hurting... overwhelm by pain
Bitter... and fruitless... while my heart sustains
Praying... seeking... exit from this road
I need healing... healing

Watchful... wishing... life could find a way
Free me from my head down to my feet... this very day
Hoping... love will... lift this load away
I need a healing... healing

B Sect...
Life was not supposed to be this way
Love is not some foolish chance we take
Tired of living with a cold broken heart
I need an answer... I need an answer right now

( 2nd verse )
Baby I'm empty... faceless... while the earth takes spin
Lost in love's confusion... over and over again
No one cares to... let this stranger in
I need a healing... healing

My heart says I'm... willing... but my head says no
Stepping into places... I should never go
Pray to find an... exit from this road
I need a healing... healing

B Sect...
Life was not supposed to be this way
Love is not some foolish game we play
Tired of living with this cold broken heart
I need an answers... I need an answer right now
Or...(B Sect. Solo )

Vamp Healing out...

© 2005 Morning Crew Music Inc.

Down Hill

( 1st verse )
Love is gonna give your life... a challenge
Know that it will come... with give and take
Time will help you find a way... to balance
If you settle down and love... through your mistakes

If you want to know that inner peace (baby)... love down hill...
If the life that you want... is asking of you...
Give of yourself... and live with the truth

If you want to feel comfort late at night ... love down hill...
Let it go... let it flow... everything is meant to be...
when you love down hill...

Trust your heart baby... love down hill...
Anything can happen if you let yourself... love down hill...

( 2nd verse )
Love will sometimes be the chance... you take...
Even when your heart is telling you... it's just a game...
Let yourself feel from the other side...
Love will always lead you to... a brighter light

If you want to feel that inner peace (baby)... love down hill...
If the life that you want... is asking of you...
Then give of yourself... and live with the truth

Baby just know that it's gonna be... what you want it to be ... love down hill...
Let it flow... let it go... everything is better when...
when you love down hill...

You got trust your heart... love down hill...
This time play it like you're in for keeps (baby)... love down hill...

B Sect.
Chances are you're gonna find one day...
Love is gonna open up... and call you by your name
In that moment you will come to see...
Life can be that subtle everything... you wanted it to be
(Chorus... Ld: So come on and feel that inner peace...)

© 2005 Morning Crew Music, Inc

My Blackness

( 1st verse )
Woke up this morning... thinking bout' everything I could
think about... (baby)
Dreaming last night... like a man that has something to prove...

I dream about being (jet) black... (baby)
Cause I think about life like that... (sugar)
Keeping my love on track... (baby)...
With my blackness... and you...

My Blackness... that's what I'm thinking...(baby)
My Blackness... when I think about me... when I think about music
My Blackness... that's what I'm thinking bout'...(baby)
My Blackness...

( 2nd verse )
I come from seed... the color of the streets
My mother yield's Dominican... my father yields Belize
Taught me to live... like I come from the best
Now I hand it down... to my own seed

While being (jet) black... (baby)
Cause I carry my pride like that... (sugar)
Keeping my love on track... (baby)...
With my blackness... and you...

My Blackness... that's what I'm thinking...(baby)
My Blackness... when I think about me... when I think about music
My Blackness... that's what I'm thinking bout'...(baby)
My Blackness...

Everything I wanna be... is what I'm gonna be
As long as I live where I stand...
Stay true to my seed... keep away from the greed
Be about living my life... just as I plan... deep in my Blackness
(Chorus Out)

© 2005 Morning Crew Music, Inc.

As If

( 1st verse )
I think your nose is just fine...
I think your lips are something... just this side of heaven
Your precious voice soothes my mind...
Is there anything else... you need to know

( 2nd verse )
Your spirit comforts me with love...
Just like a warm blanket... straight out of the dryer...
My future sees the two of us...
Don't think anything else... could ever matter

As if earth is gonna change the way it spins
As if sunshine failed to cause the plants to... follow its direction
As if love was never meant to flow... forever... deep within...
Why would you live your life... just as if...

As if any fool could say whom you should be...
As if days could pass... where love would come to fail in its perfection
As if air was never meant for us to breathe...
Why would you live your life... just as if...

You stand in the mirror... staring at yourself from day to day
As if you can change the mind of God
If life opened up the door for you to live this out as someone else
I'm sure you'd choose to be... just who you are

( 3rd verse )
I think your heart was dipped in sweet
You share this tenderness with... everyone around you
A kindness rare... and so complete
Is there anything better... you could ever be

(Take 1/2 Chorus ... Vamp B Sect... Live your life... just as if...)

© 2005 Morning Crew Music, Inc

Soul Murder

( 1st verse )
Ordinary people... in extraordinary pain
Trying to find an answer... that gives meaning to their names
Holding to the nightmare... of a dream that has been lost
Banal conversation... get to sex at any cost

B Sect.
Flirt with no discretion... season with degrade
Losing all perception... of the price that will be paid
(Take 1st half of Chorus)

It feels like Soul Murder... chasing worthless dreams
Standing in a mud hole... while your love becomes demeaned

It's like Soul Murder... lost inside the dance
Prayers that go unanswered... as you chase the second chance

Caught up in Soul Murder...
Caught up in Soul Murder...

Feel's like Soul Murder...
Feel's like Soul Murder...

( 2nd verse )
Looking for your soul mate... in a restaurant garbage can
Leave behind the love one... who really gives a damn
Blinded by the notion... you'll find answers where you sit
Lie and say whatever... you think is gonna fit

B Sect.
Eyes make no connection... as the words escape your mouth
Love has been infected... what's it really all about
(Then Chorus out)

© 2005 Morning Crew Music, Inc

Thought I Knew You

( 1st verse )
Kind of felt like you might be playing... fool behind my back
Always knew... love could lead to creeping...but I didn't see us like that
Ain't no need to be sorry... cause you're drowning in your lies...
Anything you ever thought we were... is more like love denied...

I never think about what to do... when I'm thinking to myself...
Last thing that I want in my life... is a love that feels like hell...
I won't be played the fool... when I know there's something wrong
When love starts to track like this... I wanna be up and gone...

Thought I knew you better baby...
Thought I knew you better than that...
Thought I knew you better...

Thought I knew you better baby...
Thought I knew you better than that...
Thought I knew you better...

( 2nd verse )
Learned throwing out my heart... it may never be returned
Giving in to the best that I am... I end up getting burned
I'll never live in that place... where I'm scared to be alone
Cause my heart is my house... and my house is my home

B Sect.
There's a right way... and a wrong way... for everything
Picking up the pieces baby... (it's) not something that I wanna do
If you give of yourself... you've got to be consistent girl
Cause the lies you choose to live... will sure come back to you...
(Thought I knew you)...

(Take Chorus out)

© 2005 Morning Crew Music, Inc.

Ghetto People

( 1st verse )
You're out there floating own your own
Hoping the streets will somehow... occupy your mind
You fight the hurt when you're alone
Seems as though reality... dropped another life at your feet

Now that you face another day
It leaves you feeling like... you'd like to take it home
Your eyes see things that say... no way
Feels like there's an enemy... in everyone who loves you

Ghetto People... what are you gonna do
Do you really think that... government cares about you
Ghetto People... who you gonna turn to next... Ghetto People

Ghetto People... where do you wanna be
Tell me why your life is... running like a rare disease...
Ghetto People... stop giving up your self respect... Ghetto People...

Ghetto People... what are you trying to prove
Do you really think that... the world gives a damn about you
Ghetto People... who you gonna turn to next... Ghetto People

Ghetto People... eyes... but you just don't see
Livin' like you're livin'... caught in the make believe
Ghetto People... stop giving up your self respect... Ghetto People...

B sect.
Life can take some strange turns on you...
Living with the things...thrown at you...
Leaves you in the cold... with a day that's not worth having

Chances are the short falls of greed...
Will never come to fill what you need...
When what you really want inside - can only come from you

( 2nd verse )
The day will come when all your pride...
Leaves you standing alone... looking like... what am I gonna do
You'll have those feelings deep inside...
A strange kind of sadness... you can never get use to
(Chorus - B sect. - Chorus Out)

© 2005 Morning Crew Music Inc.

W.O.C. (Restated) Featuring the Whispers

( 1st verse )
Woman of color... brown is your skin
Pure is the source of... the skin that you're in
My eyes fall upon you... feeling lost in a haze
But what stays in focus... is that smile on your face

Woman of color... down to the bone
Ageless in beauty... my Queen on the throne
Tell me the secret ... of the ways that you move
Help me draw closer... to the woman in you

B Sect.
Honey colored sister... with unspeakable eyes
Chocolate coated beauty... as dark as the night
Coffee with a splash of cream... is the color you are
There can be no explanation... how you've come so far

( 2nd verse )
Woman of color... at the end of the road
I brush up against you... in some unspoken code
I yearn for the closeness... we are so overdue
Show me the garden... of pleasure in you

Brown skin lady... so hard to ignore
A portrait of sweetness... that I have to explore
If soft is the measure... of love that you give
Breathe life into me... so my passion can live

B Sect.
Honey colored sweetness... with unspeakable eyes
Chocolate coated candy... as dark as the night
Coffee with a splash of cream... dripping all over you
There is no explanation... for the things I want to do... WOC

I've dated all kind... but no peace do I find...
without Woman of color...

© 2002 Morning Crew Music Inc.